Denver Scrape Fix Flip

Scrape (tear-off) & rebuild a Denver home

Very often, people want to live in a particular neighborhood. But the older home located there may be smaller than desired or in disrepair. Camerata helps people to locate their optimal home site or secure a property, develop plans and construct the new house.

In some cases, homeowners consider doing an addition or renovation but soon realize that a complete scrape-off would better suit their needs.

Camerata Homes is equipped and has extensive experience to perform scrape-offs from start to finish. You may think you need one company for demolition and another for the construction. But consider the benefit of having both companies standing by you through the entire project. As is the case with all our custom home clients, Camerata has the expertise to manage every stage of the scrape-off project. From initial design consultation, financing to construction and beyond, no matter the scope of your home, we guarantee a job done with premier quality and to your precise specifications.


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"Our home building process involved the demolition of an existing home and the building of our new home, both of which Camerata managed. The whole process was in tight quarters to all of our neighbors. They have all been very complimentary of both the quality of the home and the way in which the project was handled to minimize the impact to them."

– Mark and Amy Banaszewski