Eco Home Renovation Denver

Sustainable Home Renovation


Eco-Renovating is the word we use to describe using ecological and energy-conserving goals and materials during renovation projects. Some of the key goals include:

  • creating space to cut down on water use
  • make the most of solar energy sources and collection methods
  • take care to insulate windows, roofs, walls and floors properly

It's fun to create new living space. And, as your contractor we know many of the materials may be reusable or recyclable. Coming up with ways to use old material can save money and reduce landfill space.

Some of the building materials that may be reused, recycled or donated include:

  • lumber
  • doors
  • window casings
  • drawer pulls
  • baseboards
  • cabinetry

The Camerata Team will discuss with you how many recycled materials you can use on your new room. Recycling is the easiest sustainable concept and can be applied to many aspects and materials in construction.

Camerata Homes will go over your design ideas before starting the renovation project to ensure everything will be done as you wish. When planning your home  project, we will try and incorporate as many green friendly ideas as possible. There are quite a few environmentally healthy options and actions to help you do your part. Some sustainable practices to consider are:

  • Green demolition
  • Green plumbing
  • Green lighting and electrical
  • Green insulation
  • Green windows
  • Energy efficient appliances and HVAC systems
  • Green flooring
  • Non toxic paints, woods and sealants

Renovating also means your walls are probably opened up so it is a perfect time to check for water damage to existing insulation or structure and upgrade your insulation.