They did a fantastic job from betinning to end and we are very satisfied with what they did.

-J. Meltzer                                   Satisfaction Rating 


Jan seemed to take it as his personal mission to get us what we wanted. Jan had fantastic advice and was able to work through all the problems in building a custom home. He seemed to be able to look at something and just foresee potential problems.

-M. Lillie                                      Satisfaction Rating 


Camerata and Jan Knibbe are the best builder we have ever engaged. Tremendous quality and the service is second to none. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality custom builder.

-B. Anderson                               Satisfaction Rating 


Camerata Homes purchased the 115 year old home, and gutted the home, complete with a new sewer line. They finished it and we are very satisfied with it. There were several items on our inspection objection that Camerata Homes addressed completely, as if it were a new build. A year later, everything still functions properly, it looks great, and we love our home/neighborhood. I would definitely recommend them to a friend!

-C. Skelly                                     Satisfaction Rating 


Phenomenal delivery and everything was done on time!

-A. Steinberg                               Satisfaction Rating 


Everything they said that was going to be needed and used was exactly correct. They were honest and timely to a fault. We love our finished project.

-B. Brown                                     Satisfaction Rating 


They did a great job completing our home after the initial builder went bankrupt and we had them finish our basement as well. Very professional and high quality work.

-M. Bowar                                    Satisfaction Rating 


I feel we got a well-built house, which is what we were looking for. I have recommended Jan and Camerata Homes to everyone who is looking to build. We would work with Jan again!

-D. Wilson                                    Satisfaction Rating