•What kinds of warranties does Camerata Homes provide? 

   StrucSure Home Warranty

  •       One-Year Workmanship/Materials
  •       Two-Year Delivery Portion of Systems
  •       10-Year Major Structural Defects

   All new homes built by Camerata Homes include a structural warranty of 1 year for workmanship & materials, 2 years for delivery portion of systems, and 10 years for major structural defects through StrucSure Home Warranty. You will be assigned a warranty booklet at closing that includes details of the coverage. You can also find information on the StrucSure website at http://warranty.strucsure.com

   ProHome Warranty

   All new homes built by Camerata Homes include a builder’s warranty management system through ProHome. After a new home orientation, ProHome provides 24 hour emergency service for any workmanship issues that arise after closing, including a 30 day and an 11 month walk through. They will work with you to dispatch the appropriate contractor and address your concern. You can find information on the ProHome website at http://prohomeco.com.


•What do I need to know about soils issues?

   Colorado is home to expansive soils in many areas, which can cause major issues when building a home. When moisture is absorbed into this type of soil, it can swell and exert pressure on a home’s foundation. Camerata Homes has extensive experience in dealing with soils issues. We always have a complete analysis done before any work begins. Problems can be avoided when the builder understands how to design and build the home to be compatible with its environment. Camerata Homes provides a copy of A Guide to Swelling Soil for Colorado Homebuyers and Homeowners to every new homeowner. 


•What does it cost to build a semi-custom home?

   One of the most common requests a home builder receives is to give a ‘per square foot price’ for their homes. This is a difficult number to produce without details about the actual project. Variables such as the soil type and topography of the lot, the desired building materials, the design layout, and the interior finishes all have a direct impact on the price of the home. Tile roofing, stucco, stone, brick and siding vary widely in price. Wood and tile flooring are much more labor intensive than carpet. Wood trim costs more than a paint grade trim. High end doors, windows and cabinets can also substantially increase the overall price. If scraping a lot in order to build a new home, an additional $15,000 or more can be expected for demolition and removal of the old home. There are also considerable differences in costs from one location to another. Some communities have special district fees, and can also have a wide range of utility fees, including water tap fees and other utilities.   Camerata Homes will take all of these elements into account when they determine a home’s price. We provide free, new home consultation and new home analysis.

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•Where do I start? Hire an architect? Find land?

   You can start with us! Camerata Homes will guide you through lot selection, financing, home plan layout, interior design and customization, and current home transition. We are your resource for all aspects of this process. Our clients experience true personalized service. Decades of experience allow us to provide the guidance and expertise to make your homebuilding experience smooth and enjoyable. 

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